Monday, 28 February 2011

The 2011 Oscars Awards - My Red Carpet Fashion Picks!

Looking through the red carpet photos from tonight Oscars and I'm seeing alot more colour, particularly lots of blues and purples. There are also alot of trailing hemlines and straight skirts as apposed to fuller ones. Here's a few of my favourites, not forgetting my man of the evening and also, just for tonight, my couple of the evening.

1) Virginia Madsen
I have a feeling this dress is inspired by Black Swan what with the feathery detail and the black and white personalities. The thick black waistband adds some strength to the softness of the material. The one shoulder gives it a modern touch.

2) Mila Kunis
  This colour really suits Mila and I really love the slashes of transparency through the skirt which shows just a hint of her legs. The lace detail to the neckline almost looks like her bra is peeking through, as if she didn't already look sexy enough.

3) Hailee Steinfeld
  I know I say this everytime, but just look how adorable she is, lets hope she doesn't go off the rails like other stars who started out young - Lindsay Lohan, need I say any more? Hailee looks so precious and shes wearing heels at 14! I've only started wearing heels in the past year and I'm 21.

4) Florence Welch
Here's Florence wearing her trademark neutral colours but she can get away with it as her hair is so fiery. I really love the ruffles skirt and the bow around the waist is super cute.

5) Amy Adams
The thing I love most about Amy's red carpet look is how shes accessorised her navy blue sparkly dress with emerald green necklace and bracelet set. They make it stand out even more. This sequined number fits her perfectly like a glove.

6) Cate Blachett
 This dress has such a vintage feel to it but the light lilac colour keeps it up-to-date. The slightly rectangular sleeves make it unique and I especially love the yellow beading across the shoulders and back

7) Jennifer Hudson
Wow! Check out Jen! Shes looking fantastic after the weight loss. The colour is bright to make sure all eyes are on her and her classic up do with her hair helps add a touch of Hollywood glamour.

8) Scarlett Johansson
This is gorgeous. The cutout back makes sure shes not covered up like a nun and I'm really loving the dishevelled hair too. This has a sort of oriental feel to it with the delicate pattern and the purpley pink colour.

9) Penelope Cruz
Looking amazing after just 1 month since the birth of her son, Leo with hubby Javier, Penelope looks on fire in this red hot number. She does appear to have lost some of her curves, especially in her hips. Also thumbs up to Javier rocking a three piece suit - we all know how much I love a man in a waistcoat.

10) Camila Alves
Matthew McConaughey's missus looks fab in this voluminous dress. The low v-neck and thin straps give it an exotic feel which suits Camila's tanned skin tone so well. Its a very simple dress with no pattern or extravagant pieces sewn on, yet she makes it look like the most exquisite dress in the world.

Man of the evening - Russell Brand
  If someone would've told you before hand that an attendee was going to be wearing a checked shirt to the ceremony, you first thoughts would probably have been 'Checked shirt? On the red carpet? What are they thinking?'. Well here we have Mr Brand wearing just that. However I think hes pulled it off quite nicely as the black collar makes it more dressed up and hes right on trend with midnight blue. He wouldn't be Russell Brand if he wasn't a little bit different to every other man now would he?

Couple of the evening - Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers
  I was going to give Armie the award for Man of the evening (again), but then I clocked his wife and just had to give them an award of their own. Shes wearing a dark grey satin dress with darker ruffles underneath and hes wearing a black suit with a darker strip down each leg and darker collar around the neck and chest of his jacket. They just fit together so perfectly.

I would love to hear your thoughts on tonight's red carpet fashion. Is there anyone I've picked that you agree with? Or maybe there's someone you feel I have left out? All kinds of comments are welcome =]

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Who's ready for the Oscars?

The 2011 Oscars take place tomorrow night so it means a liate night for Me as I search through the hundreds of red carpet photos and pick my favourites. Click here for a reminder of my favourites from last year. Will be back late Sunday evening!

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Friday, 25 February 2011

Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

The NME Awards were held on Wednesday night and the winner of the Most Stylish award was Brandon Flowers. Here's exactly why
 Topman are currently offering free delivery until Monday, so why not take advantage and get yourself the Brandon look. 
Don't forget to add some feathers to the shoulders!

I'm off to Wembley now for the NME Big Gig with Foo Fighters. Will post tomorrow!!

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Olivia Palermo - Style Steal

I'm starting to form a little girl crush on Olivia Palermo. I never watched The City but I have noticed her photos popping up in magazines and I fall in love with her outfits every time. She was spotted over here in London for Fashion Week. 
 Here's some tips to stealing her outfit!
 The above shirt from Urban Outfitters, may be a tad expensive for some of my student readers, but I managed to find this similar one for cheaper.
 Olivia's looks are stylish but so simple to recreate. You'll be seeing alot more of her around my blog.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Serena vs Blair

I have been catching up on recent episodes of Gossip Girl and like every other episode I've ever watched, I've fallen in love with the outfits. But its got me wondering - who do you all prefer? Serena or Blair? I myself am more of a Blair girl.
Serena definitely loves to flaunt what shes got with extra short shorts/hemlines and very low v-necks. She also has a lot of fun with bold patterns and quirky accessories.

  Blair tends to keep her colours simple and her hemlines are usually longer than Serena's. She has such a classic ladylike look. I would definitely pick Blair's wardrobe over Serena's - but who would you pick?

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Will be back thursday afternoon!!

Sorry for lack of posts recently. Been busy at Uni and with NME Awards. FINALLY met Dave Grohl - My Hero! So for now I'll leave you with this
 Alexa Chung wearing Christopher Kane to the 2011 NME Awards tonight in London. This dress would set you back around £1,000, but I have managed to find these 3 cosmic print dresses which are very similar to Alexa's and very much cheaper, from Topshop which range from £32-45. Also, are offering free postage on all orders until 25th Feb, so you have 2 days to get buying!!
I shall be back, hopefully, late afternoon/evening with a new post =]

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

London Fashion Week Day 4

Sorry for my lack of posts today. Had Uni to go to and then had a friend round for dinner which was nice. None of the shows really stood out for me today but their were a few pieces which I did love.

1) Holly Fulton
 Love this simple little tweed shift dress which has been jazzed up with the bright yellow colour and beading to the neck and hem line.

2) Julien Macdonald
So much detailing has gone into this dress, sort of tree root like. I really like the lace neck line and especially love the chiffon skirt.

3) Burberry Prorsum
 How could I not mention Burberry with their artificial snow on the runway.

I have a day off tomorrow (technically today - Tuesday) so will go through any shows that I haven't yet seen the photos for and post up my favourites.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

House of Holland - LFW 2011

This is probably the show I was most looking forward to. I absolutely love Henry Holland and own quite a few of his pieces for his collection for Debenhams. His stuff always has loads of colour and fun patterns. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from his LFW show:
 I am loving this little denim number especially with the pearl beading detail which accentuates the bust and makes the waist appear slimmer.
 This dress has such a vintage feel to it with the neutral check and the pearl beads around the neckline and hem. Its finished off with the thin brown belt. Henry's not made it look to sophisticated buy adding those brightly coloured socks for fun.
 This is very 70s - something to be worn loud and proud. Its nice and tight so will show off curves very well.
 Such a cute pink dress here and I love how its been layered over a slightly darker tee to dress it down a bit. Also it looks like its the return of the alphabet tights which always make an outfit more playful.
 Is it a jacket? Is it a leotard? Who cares? I love it!!
 This is adorable. I especially love the lace peeking over the neckline. There's so much colour that it makes it easy to accessorise.

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Belle Sauvage - London Fashion Week 2011.

First things first - I do not condone wearing a hat quite as big as this, you will end up with a neck ache. I love the delicate lace and tough leather combo, its like a Victorian meets Punk.
There's a real contrast here between the light colours and the soft curved shoulders against the sharp pattern and spiked heels. Very pretty in punk.
I love the shapes on this maxi dress, it adds some real curves on both the bust and hips. Its nice and tight so although the model is very covered up, she still has some sex appeal.
Check these bad boys out! I'd be too scared to wear them out in case I hurt someone, but their still rather cool. Fur, Leather, Chains and Spikes - Material overload!

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Just a quick one from yesterday - PPQ - LFW

Just had to quickly share this piece with you all. It's from PPQ's runway show at London Fashion Week yesterday.
 I pretty much want need this dress! The big white cuffs on the sleeves make it look masculine but then the 3 fuchsia outlined flowers give it the feminine kick. I think this would be an easy dress to wear during the day or on a night out. Also, check out those shoes - LOVE!

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Daks - London Fashion Week

The first runway show of day 2 of LFW was Daks. Their stuff looks like proper winter clothes with comfy jumpers and country checks. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.
I can't work out whether this is a navy satin dress or a separate top with skirt layered with a jumper - either way, I love it! The little gold band around the waist helps to prevent this look from being to frumpy and plain.
Another skirt, shirt and jumper combo here. This skirt slightly longer than the last and very much thicker. The jumper has a wider neck so when teamed with the buttoned up checked shirt, it has a mod feel to it. Again, the tight waistband makes it more fitting but this time the jumper has been tucked into the skirt.
The delicate patterning on this jumper helps add a feminine touch when combined with the slightly masculine buttoned up shirt. Also the slightly flared checked trousers are very farmers wife in the 70s.

 Overall, this collection looks comfortable and easy to wear and would definitely keep you warm through the winter nights. A great start to day 2!!

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Caroline Charles - London Fashion Week

This collection from Caroline Charles is very Audrey Hepburn inspired with masculine pieces mixed with feminine stuff too. This is all things that can be worn to office whilst looking stylish.

I really like this dress which looks great with the tie and bowler hat. The black belt helps to break up the block grey colour and stops the model from looking frumpy as the dress is slightly long and falls below the knees.

I positively love sheer blouses and this sheer shirt dress is so simple but very flattering. The thin ribbon tie and tied waist belt give this look more character. The dress could also be unbuttoned for drinks after work.

This dress would be quite plain and boring if it wasn't for the delicate laced sleeves. I adore that little hat too. I can't really wear hats like that as my ears stick out - too bad.

This is such a darling little dress. I am mostly drawn to the rounded neckline and the little black gloves. The shimmering jade colour is also very alluring.

This is very Breakfast at Tiffany's with the black gloves and necklace. The pattern gives it a modern feel and I especially love the tight waistband and the length is very elegant.

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Paul Costelloe - London Fashion Week

Paul Costelloe was the first to kick start London Fashion Week for A/W 2011. Absolutely loved his show! Lots of bright autumn colours and also lots of A-line dresses with flared skirts. I am also a big fan of all the different patterns used and I adore the shoes too. Paul Costelloe is definitely being added to my favourite designers. Here are a few of the pieces I really liked:

I am really looking forward to buying lots of different coloured tights for autumn. It'll make me feel like a little girl again. This dress is so sweet and playful.

Everyone loves a bit of tartan! I really like the shape to this dress, very feminine. The neckline has a real vintage feel to it and the pockets give it that boyish charm.

This piece sort of reminds me of the school uniforms they wear in Home & Away. Shift dresses can suit most people as they help to hide any bumps you'd rather kept hidden. I really love the dainty pocket detailing too.

This coat looks so snug, it would definitely keep you warm through the chilly nights. It has a tweed look to it which can be seen as quite formal but the bright buttons make it more playful. Also there is a 70s feel from the big collar.

This one is not at bright as the last ones but it is still just as cute. I am a big fan of A-line dresses with girlie skirts. I really favour the delicate patterning and what looks like a front zip fastening.

Absolutely adore this dress. Slightly different from the others with the low cut neck-line. I am infatuated by the tight waist and pleated skirt which helps to accentuate the hips. The regal pattern makes it look really classy.

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Captain Charley: February 2011

Captain Charley