Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kick in the Teeth

Sorry for the quiet on the blog front, I was away on the sea front! Went to visit Brighton for a few days to celebrate my housemate Chloe's birthday. Always have a great time down there so look out for some Brighton looks coming soon. For now, here's an outfit from last week.
This is slightly grungier than my previous looks. The sheer blouse is by Red Herring from Debenhams. I am currently selling it on eBay. My leather shorts are also Red Herring and my black cowboy style boots I bought from one of those cheap shoe shops down Oxford Street a few years ago. I'll probably be selling those soon too.

I received so many lovely comments and gained some even lovelier new followers whilst I was away, so now I'll get responding and following back. If you do follow me, make sure to tell me in a comment as I don't get notified of new followers and I want to follow you lovely lot back! Check out my other items on eBay including this dress from my last post! I'll be back tomorrow!!

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Blue Savannah

Back with another item I am selling over on my eBay.
This dress I bought from Primark down Oxford Street. It's Limited Edition and so beautiful! I wore it once for my housemates birthday and got so many compliments that night. No one could quite believe it was from Primark. It's a very similar style to this Leighton Meester dress.
I am currently selling my dress over on eBay with a 99p starting price! I should be adding the shoes tonight too.

The title for this post comes from an Erasure song. I think it fits this look perfectly as the mother of the kittens in the photo is called Savanna (minus the 'h')

Anyone on Lookbook, please do hype my River Island contest entry.

Don't forget to check out everything else I'm selling on eBay, including the River Island dress above! Thanks for reading/commenting/following, I do appreciate everything!
I'll leave you with this =]

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

R U Mine?

Whilst I am still in the process of picking my 15 favourite blogs as part of "The One Lovely Blog" Award, I thought I'd upload a quick outfit post.

This nautical style dress is from River Island. My Mum bought me it for Christmas but unfortunately it is too big so I am currently selling it on eBay. It still has 4 days left, so you better get bidding!! I have also entered this photo into the X River Island contest. It would be really awesome if you could help me win by hyping my look. You may spot a little paw on my leg and another little creature in the bottom left hand corner. We have kittens!! 3 altogether and they're are the cutest things ever!!

I'll be adding some more things to my eBay later tonight so check out my selling page. I'll also be posting a different item I am selling each day over on my Lookbook and Chictopia pages so check them out too!! I'll be back soon with my chosen 15 "One Lovely Blogger" awards =]

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Human Union Jack

Hello! Today's look is from the Jubilee a few weeks ago. I decided I would be the Union Jack for a day!
My navy sailor top I bought from a little stall at Spitalfields Market last year. Doesn't it just scream Captain Charghley? The stripey shorts I bought from a little vintage shop in Paris for 2 Euro!! You may remember me mentioning this on my post 2 Days In Paris. I combined these with navy tights and red high top Converse. We went to a really cute Jubilee street party near Dollis Hill set up by my friend Emily. She writes a little blog herself over at LieDownAndLetMeLoveYou. She organised an amazing party bringing together the community. Well done Emily, so proud of you!!

This morning I received the "One Lovely Blogger" award from Valerie Angel over at BeautyFASH. I want to thank Valerie so much for picking me as one of her 15! This now means that I must pick my 15 favourite blogs who will all receive this "One Lovely Blogger" award from me. I shall be scouring the blogs tonight and will publish the list tomorrow, so keep an eye out as it could be you!!

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone for the hypes/votes/comments over on my Lookbook and Chictopia pages!! Don't forget to check out my eBay!! Will be back again tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sushi Virgin

Bonjour! Back for another quick outfit post before I go and enjoy this sunshine on the roof. This is from a couple of weeks ago when me and housemate Elie went to Hampstead Heath and he stole my Sushi Virginity.

My cropped khaki jeans are from New Look and my jade top is from Primark. The black Converse I bought from eBay. I always like when they're already worn in, for that is how Converse should be - messy! The military style jacket I bought from H&M 6 years ago and completely forgot about. It was also worn by Matt Bellamy from Muse at Reading 2006!
I loved my relaxing day at Hampstead Heath. It has a beautiful view of London and we came across the most unusual looking ducks! Just look at those colours!!
Don't forget I'm selling a few bits on my eBay, will be adding some more in a few days time.
Thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow with my Jubilee look!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

2 Days in Paris

A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful City of Paris with my housemate Luke. Prepare yourselves for exclamation marks after every sentence! This is me trying my best to look French but probably coming across more English than ever!

My blouse is from Romwe, my new favourite place to shop. They add new pieces everyday and I fall in love with everything! We all know I love all things nautical so this blouse just screamed my name! The hat I got from a vintage fair in Shoreditch last year. I ended up 'accidently' leaving my hat behind, so I've HAD to book another trip over to Paris.

On our first night we met up with 2 other friends, Denise and Gregoire, who were also over from London. We spent part of the evening on the Pont des Arts, a really lovely bridge where all the cool kids seem to hang out. It's covered in padlocks etched in lovers names to symbolise eternal love.
The next day we were taken on a tour to cute cafes and fab vintage shops by my French twin Béryl. In one vintage shop I bought myself 3 pairs of shorts, a skirt and a shirt all for under 16 Euro - Bargain!The food over there is delicious and so much cheaper than London and don't even get me started on the wine!! We even went in to Chanel - so amazing!!! These cool stripey podiums were at the Jardins du Palais Royal.
Took a little walk past the Moulin Rouge (Where my arse was checked out!)
And how could we not go and see the Eiffel Tower. We packed a picnic of a selection of cheeses, saucisson, wine and chocolate. Béryl brought along her ukulele and we had a little singsong whilst watching the Tower sparkle.
A massive thank you to Béryl for being an amazing host and for agreeing to let me come visit again next month! I have never been so sad to come back to London (and I do love London).
Come back tomorrow for another outfit post. Thanks for all the comments, I do read them all and try my best to reply and check out your blogs too. <3 And don't forget to check what II'm selling on eBay, will be adding more stuff in a few days time!

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ukulele in the Park

2 days in a row? I really am back! This outfit is from a few weeks ago when the weather was still nice in London. I decided to take my ukulele over to a little park just behind our house.
I bought my ukulele just over a year ago. It's called Sir Paul as I actually met the legend himself the day I bought it. It's so weird because at the Queen's Jubilee Sir Paul McCartney was actually playing a union jack guitar!! I can play a few songs but not quite ready to become a performer just yet, but maybe one day you might find a video or 2 of me on Youtube. Anyway, back to the outfit. The cream lace cardigan I got from Forever 21. It's perfect for those cooler summer days as its really light to wear. I bought the grey skirt from eBay. I always feel so much more ladylike and elegant in a longer skirt. I have so many pair's of sunglasses but these are my favourite. I got them last year from New Look in the sale.

Don't forget to check out all the lovely stuff I'm selling on eBay. I'll be back tomorrow with a Paris outfit!!
Thanks for reading/following and your comments <3

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Guess who's back?!

Hello everyone. So sorry for my absence. Been pretty hectic since finishing uni but I am back (at least for a bit). I have so many outfit posts to catch up on, so I'll start with this one from a shopping trip a few weeks ago.

My leather bag is vintage from a little shop in Covent Garden called Pop Boutique. Such a cute little shop which sells all kinds of cheap vintage clothes and they also make their own vintage inspired dresses and skirts too. The capri trousers I bought in the sale last year from Dorothy Perkins. I haven't had much chance to wear them due to this British weather.

I am also selling lots of clothing over on my eBay account. More stuff will be added over the weekend too!

I want to thank all the new followers and all the new commenters. I've been a bit lame at replying but I'm back now so shall get on to it straight away! Come back tomorrow for a Paris outfit!!

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So sorry for the lack in updates! I'll be back later this week with plenty about my trip to Paris and the success of our Clothes Swap!! Thank you to the new followers and thanks for all the new comments. I'll try my best to get replying. Back soon =]

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Captain Charley: June 2012

Captain Charley