Sunday 6 March 2011

Happy Birthday Ednora!

So last night we celebrated my housemate Ednora's 21st birthday in Central London. Heres what I wore
 My dress is from Primark. People can't really seem to believe its from Primark as its so pretty, but it is Special Edition. I really love the colour. My wide eye expression is due to the fact this photo was taken at around 4am and I din't want any drowsey-ness. This dress reminds me of the blue Versus dress as worn by Leighton Meester what with the bright blue colour and straps across the waist.
My shoes are by Matthew Williamson from his Butterfly Collection for Debenhams. I spotted them in a magazine and knew I just had to have them and lucky for me there was 20% off on the day I bought them!

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Friday 4 March 2011

Ringo Starr - Y Not?

This morning I set my alarm early. The reason for this was that tickets were going on sale for Ringo Starr's gig in London. Now my friends all know exactly how much love I have for this man so I just had to buy myself a ticket. Your probably all wondering why on earth I'm talking about music on my fashion blog. Here's why!

Today, just like most other days, I finished my outfit with my Ringo badge which I bought from an amazing jumble shop down in Brighton. My cream jumper is from Primark and my purple tartan scarf I bought from EBay. I also finally managed to find myself the perfect pair of black brogues from Peacocks (I'm quite fussy about my brogues) where I also bought my purple bow headband.
 Now I just need to try and hold my excitement for June!

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Russell Brand - Oscars Style Steal.

Lets all just have a reminder of what Russell Brand wore to the Oscars last week and how he dressed up the check shirt.
 I know some people aren't a fan of his look here, but I love it! This is definitely how I'd like my boyfriend to dress. For any guys out there who also love this look, or any girls who want to get their boyfriends in on the act, I've scowered the online shops for some similar items

 I didn't manage to find his shirt with the black collar, but I did find this bright number for all the daring guys out there.

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Thursday 3 March 2011

Mulberry Show Autumn & Winter - London Fashion Week 2011

Heres a great video shot by a friend of mine over at LeicesterSquareTV from Mulberry's Runway Show for LFW 2011. They also have loads of cool celebrity interviews from LFW and other events in London!

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I (Heart) Henry Holland

Fans of Henry Holland should get themselves over to Debenhams website where his stuff is all on sale. I absolutely love his stuff. Its just so simple to wear and his pieces feature some fun patterns. Here's a few of my favourite items.
Why not get ready for spring with the Daisy print cardigan. I would also snap up that Bronze Metallic Maxi Skirt (only £7.20!) as judging by Balenciaga's runway show for Autumn/Winter at Paris Fashion Week, metallic fabrics are going to be big news!

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Captain Charley: March 2011

Captain Charley