Monday, 31 January 2011

The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011 - My Fashion Picks!

Oh I do love awards season!! This blog update is all about the SAG awards which are held in LA. To be honest, I'm getting a little bit bored of all the neutral colours on the red carpets so I've tried to include some brighter numbers from tonight's ceremony. Here are my 7 best female picks and then a final award at the end for best dressed male. These are just based on my personal opinion. I would love to hear who you would have picked, just leave a comment at the bottom. Thanks for reading =]

1)Helena Bonham Carter
This is actually quite subdued for Helena compared to her latest red carpet dresses (how can we forget the odd shoes from The Golden Globes?). Black and white dresses are always nice as the colours are so opposite from each other that they make the whole look really stand out. This number is made from such pretty, delicate lacy material and Helena has accessorised her look perfectly with the black shoes and handbag, and white pearl necklace.

2)Claire Danes
Love this dress, especially with the thick black belt around the waist, it really breaks down the fully patterned dress. Claire has brightened up her look with red nails and cute pink lipstick. I also think she could recycle this dress by getting it made shorter and having some thin black straps added - would be a perfect little summer dress.

3) Julia Stiles
This is such a beautiful dress and I think it really works on Julia with her smokey eyes. We all know of my love for chiffon. Its just so easy to wear and can glide across a persons body and it works really well with the faded affect.

4) Mila Kunis
Mila is on fire in this hot gown! That colour is sizzling on her, especially with the darker/black details, really helps to combine her hair to the whole look. It can sometimes be hard to wear a red dress on a red carpet but because this dress isn't a block red colour, it really does work.

5) Lea Michele
Wow! Lea looks amazing and very grown up. The dress is so sparkly she's only had to accessorise with one bangle and the thin gold belt really shows off her tiny waist. The colour stands out against her slight tan making her glow even more.

6) Renee Bargh
Although this dress is a little plain, apart from the ruffled neckline and one shoulder, I can't stop looking at her gorgeous fishtail plait, and she has it on the opposite side to the shoulder strap, which is always rule number one with one shouldered dresses/tops. I think a belt could have livened up this dress a bit too.

7)Hailee Steinfeld
I am predicting big things for this young girl and not just on the big screen. I still can't believe she is only 14 years old! The style of this dress is very grown up but the bright, bold colours give it some youth. She hasn't needed any accessories or heavy make up as the dress does all the talking. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on Hailee. She always dresses older than she is but manages to keep her looks fresh. This was my favourite look of the night, love it!

Man of the night - Armie Hammer
Your probably all thinking what makes him so different from all the other black suits at the awards tonight. Just look at his smile -its contagious. I am very quickly becoming so much in love with this man. He just seems so happy in every photo I have seen of him. A smile can be an amazing accessory if you show it off!

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Chanel at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011.

Chanel's show at Paris Fashion week was a little disappointing. None of the pieces really screamed out for me. I usually love Chanel, but I just wasn't feeling it for this show. There were, however, a few pieces that I did quite like:

This is quite a simple design but Mr Lagerfeld hasn't really needed to do much as the material is so detailed. The pink ribbon crossed at the waist really emphasizes the hips and the colour would suit most skin tones.

That coat is really quite adorable. Love the balance of the little collar and big pockets. The silver buttons really compliment the light violet colour.
This dress reminds me of a waterfall with the rippled effect at the top like a river and then the cascading diamonds on the slight translucent chiffon all the way down. The short skirt underneath, gives that flash of flesh.

This is a really pretty dress and could definitely dazzle on the red carpet. I especially love the neckline and the sleeves. Looks like it would be really comfortable and easy to wear. Accessories wouldn't really be necessary either.

I love the top and how it rests, nearly falls off the shoulders. The grey and the pale pink really work in favour of each other and the way the horizontal stripes get further spread across the chest, really accentuates the size. The big pink bow on the side of the hip makes it a more playful look.

I really do love the little jacket. Its very nautical. The padded shoulders give it more shape and volume and the 3/4 length sleeves with a flash of black give it a modern touch.

Absolutely adore this coat. The white collar makes it almost feel like it should be worn as a dress and the black ribbon bow is a cute way of doing up the coat and it makes it feel more feminine.

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Dior caught my eye

So I was just looking through some photos from Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior's show has definitely caught my eye so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pieces. Their very 50s inspired and I am loving the hair do's - must try some out myself!

Yellow can sometimes be a harder colour to wear but it does work best on brunettes. This dress is what I imagine Belle from Beauty & The Beast would wear if she went to the Prom in Grease.

I adore the blend between the light blue and beige and the tiered skirt is really fetching. The cowl neck offers that modern touch.

The make-up and hair are very rockabilly. She reminds me of a Quality Street chocolate the way the dress twist wraps itself around her waist. Simply Divine!

I like the feathery detail on one side and then the dark dramatic colour on the other. Loving the statement red lips and head piece.

The only thing I don't like about this dress is the tucked bit at the front. I do, however love the draped back and the colours are gorgeous. Just check out her make-up!

This dress is a little different as its not big and puffy like the others, but the detailing is exquisite. The dress doesn't just feature a bow, it is a bow. The colour is beautiful against the models pale tone and the length and fit are definitely made for us taller females of the world

I am pretty sure this was the big finale of the show - you don't get much bigger than that. Completely breathtaking!

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Monday, 17 January 2011

2011 Golden Globes!

So its that time of the year again - The Golden Globes. The fashion this year is not too different from last years. Lots of neutral tones, chiffon and sparkle. Here's my pick of the 10 ten dresses and a special best male award at the end. These are all based on my personal opinion and are in no particular order. Please do feel free to share your favourites with me. Thanks for reading =]

1) Jayma Mays

This whole look is very 1920s inspired which I love. Everything from the dress, the Hollywood hair even the red lipstick. The beading detail is beautiful.

2) Sarah Hyland

Sarah looks so adorable in this dress. Theres a great balance between the elaborately decorated top and plain floaty skirt. Also, she hasn't ruined her look with too much jewellery, just the one necklace.

3)Amber Riley

Miss Riley is doing a fantastic job of showing how the more curvaceous women can look just as good as all the skinny Minnie's on the red carpet. The black belt around her waist helps to seperate her big boobs from her big waist. It can be hard to pull of a silver dress without looking like a chicken ready for the oven or a robot from the future but Amber oozes confidence in this outfit and so it really works.

4)Olivia Wilde

One of my favourite dresses from the night, it reminds me of a starry night sky. Olivia hasn't needed to wear any other jewellery, apart from a single ring, or have an elaborate hairstyle. Her dress alone, is enough to steal the lime light on the carpet.

5)Scarlett Johansson

Another slightly 1920s inspired dress but in a lighter colour than Jayma's. I especially love the hardly-there sleeves with little embellishments. The v-neck is also very flattering.

6)Leighton Meester

I practically love everything Leighton wears, whether its on Gossip Girl or to award ceremonies/celeb parties. The colours on this dress really mix well with her luscious brunette locks. Wearing a long dress with long sleeves can sometimes make you look like a nun but that slit on the skirt flashes just a bit of flesh.

7)Angelina Jolie

This one is going to cause me real pain, as anyone who knows me will know of my distaste for Angelina (I won't go into it as I'm not here to bitch) but I really love this dress. I think its the colour that most draws me in. The way its slightly tucked at the waste can give the illusion of curves.

8)Sandra Bullock

Its yet another neural coloured chiffon dress with embellishment, but I love this one just like the others. I love the pinned one shoulder, giving it a Greek feel and Sandy has balanced it well with a silver cuff bracelet on the opposite wrist. I am also loving Sandra's new blunt fringe; makes me miss mine but I will just get told off if I get mine cut back again - my friends don't like it on me for some reason.

9)Catherine Zeta Jones

My favourite dress from the whole night. Catherine pulls off the elegance of this dress with such beauty. I love the delicate pattern on the dress and the evergreen colour really stands out on the red carpet. Its just absolutely gorgeous, there are no other words.

10)Jennifer Lopez

The dress itself is quite plain and nothing too special but with the glittering cape, it really does jazz it up a bit. This look is so simple but effortlessly timeless. The white really glows against Jen's tanned skin tone.

Best Dress Male of the Evening: Justin Bieber

Although he didn't really look too happy to be there from the photo's I've seen, at least he has made a bit more effort than all the other male stars. He hasn't just gone for the shirt, tie and jacket, he's added a waistcoat and his suit seems to be a bit shinier than the other suits from the night. The fact that hes wearing trainers just makes it that bit more edgy and shows that hes not all grown up just yet.

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

We have internet - HURRAY!!

Hello everyone, very sorry for lack of updates, we have only just got our internet sorted last week(after nearly 4 months of trying) and I've had exams this week. Hopefully I'll be doing an update late sunday night/early monday morning for the Golden Globes. My piece from the Golden Globes last year was my first ever post so will be nice to see how this year has changed in terms of red carpet fashion.
I'll get my housemates to give me a nudge every few days to update (I've done lots of shopping these past months so plenty to show off!). Thanks for reading/following. You'll be hearing from me very soon


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