Saturday 28 March 2015

Superdry (Outfit of the Day/OOTD)

Bonjour from Paris!

I'm currently on a weeks vacation in this beautiful city (be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I've been up to), but I'm still trying to catch up on some outfit posts. This one is from a few weeks ago when i visited the Wellcome Collection for a 2nd time (you can see my first visit here!). They're open late on Thursdays, so me and Chloe popped along after work to check out their exhibitions; The Institute of Sexology & Forensics (both of which are free), and to take another wander around the newly refurbished Reading Room.

First thing's first - here's what I wore!

This amazing green Superdry tartan jacket was given to me by a work friend. It's so warm and snuggly with an inner fleecey lining. I feel like a bit of a Northern farmer (this is a great thing in my books!). I thought I'd go for a double clashing tartan look with this vintage grey and yellow checked skirt that I picked up from Lou Lou's vintage market in Brighton. This grey cable knit H&M jumper is a must with this skirt. I've layered it over my colourful butterfly top from Romwe as I felt the bright collar would tie in with the yellow detail from the skirt (though they're slightly different shades!). My yellow Primark brogues finish this look off nicely!

Right, back to the Wellcome Collection ...

Sadly you're not allowed to take photos in either The Institute of Sexology or Forensic exhibitions. However, on the plus side, the Reading Room wasn't too busy, and the Wellcome Collection are all for you taking photos and getting stuck into the books and games in here. We also had the chance to walk up the new spiral staircase! I really do love the Reading Room. It's a half library, half exhibition space. The bean bags on the red velvet staircase are particularly comfy too, so how could I resist grabbing a book and delving in.

After perusing the 2 exhibitions, we headed to Ed's Diner, which is nearby in Euston Square. I love that they do an Ed's Skinny Shake, as it means I don't end up being too full for actual food. Peanut butter is always my go-to flavour. Rumour has it, there's a new Ed's opening in my hometown of Luton. Looks like I'll be visiting a bit more often...

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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Greenwich Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Ayup chucks! I hope you like photos, because there are plenty in this post!

So almost 2 weeks ago, I woke up in Hoxton at a friends house to a lovely sunny day in London. This seemed like the perfect excuse to drag my little brother around this wonderful city. Of course it took a little bribing with a delicious breakfast in Stratford first...

After filling up on a greasy spoon brekkie, we hopped on the DLR (then had to hop off and back on to another one) towards Greenwich. I'd only been to this part of London once, on a date with a boy who has since broke my heart, so it was a little strange to be back, but I was glad to make some different memories in this beautiful area of the City.

Before we go much further, I think it's about time I showed you what I wore!

Yes, I went for the obvious choice of stripes! You didn't think I'd go to maritime central and not wear something nautical, did you? These funky jeans are from Primark. I love Primark jeans as they seem to be the best fit for me. As it was the weekend, and it was bright and sunny out, I was feeling the need for some colourful comfy trainers. Remember these? These Nike's feature some pretty fab colours which are always fun to mix and match with different items. The navy and the white laces go perfectly with the stripey jeans. Then there's the aquamarine, which I matched with the embroidery on my gypsy top from Topshop, a cardigan I nicked from me Nan, and my sunnies, also from Primark.

My trainers also have a hint of pink, so I knew exactly which accessories to wear. My pink parrot necklace was a present from a work friend and my pink anchor brooch was another present, this time from my Parents for Christmas. Finally, my trusty stripey rucksack (similar here) from Accessorize and navy denim jacket from Uniqlo finish the look. I'm rather proud of this one. Everything seemed to come together perfectly.

Right, so back to our big day out! We got off at Cutty Sark as I wanted to take my brother down and through the slightly spooky foot tunnel. It's kind of weird to be walking right underneath the river!

I wouldn't like to be down there alone, late at night. During the day it's really rather exciting though! We came out the other side right next to the Cutty Sark, which is absolutely huge, and breathtaking, especially for a sailor/pirate wannabe, such as myself (argh!). It was quite late in the day, but we just about had enough time for a quick visit to the Old Royal Naval College where we got to play admiral dress up!

Unfortunately the National Maritime Museum had closed for the day by the time we got to it. The sun was setting quite quickly, so we made a quick dash to the top of Greenwich Park, up by the Observatory to get some quick snaps. It's such an amazing view from up there! I'm pretty happy with the photos I managed to take. I think I'm getting slightly better at using my new camera with each time I take it out.

It was quite the hike to the top, but we'd spotted the Meantime Brewery on our way to the park, so headed back down there for a nice refreshing pint. I do love Meantime. We finished our sibling day out with Heathers. My brother had never seen it, but it's ok, he's a fan now!

If you haven't checked out Greenwich yet, I recommend you do, especially as the weather is starting to get nicer. We didn't even get to visit the market, and there is also a Picturehouse cinema too!

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Captain Charley: March 2015

Captain Charley