Tuesday 24 February 2015

When Life Brings You Lemons - Outfit of the Day

This past weekend I decided enough was enough, I have too many clothes and it was time to find them new homes. Me and Chloe booked our own market stall for the Pop-Up Vintage Fair in Old Spitalfields. We all know I'm a fan of markets, so it was different to be on the other side. Who knew there was so much to prepare before market day!

Disaster struck 30 minutes before the market was set to open when one of our clothing rails snapped! Us being the clever ladies we are, managed to make our own hanging rail with the help of some string and a tall friend - problem solved!

You're probably all thinking "I wonder what Captain Charghley decided to wear for her first market stall?". You're not? Well I'm gonna show you anyway!

This fun lemon print dress I bought from my last visit to the Pop-Up Vintage fair (remember when I won £50 vouchers?) from The Mad Vintage. Mad also writes her own blog, The Mad Journal. I fell in love with this dress instantly. It was the unusual yellow and green colour combination which caught my eye. I'm also a sucker for chiffon, frilly collars and pussy bows, so this dress ticks all the boxes for me! It was fairly cold over the week, I even spotted some snow in the wee hours of the morning, so I thought my faux fur coat would be best. There were also a cardigan and blazer underneath too!

We both managed to sell a couple of our bits, but I still have plenty more items looking for a new home, so keep your eyes peeled over on my eBay. I managed to have a quick look around at the rest of the market, and also restrained from buying any more clothes!

We had a fun, yet somewhat tiring day getting a behind the sense look at running our own market stall. You never know, you might just see us at the next vintage fair on 21st March...

Have you made any amazing market purchases recently? What would you sell if you had your own stall?

Thanks for reading :)

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Sunday 22 February 2015

London Fashion Week Day 1 - Outfit of the Day

So it finally happened, I finally went to London Fashion Week! My beautiful blogging bestie Angelica (AKA One Little Vice) won tickets to the Felder Felder show from the fabulous Nail Berry, and lucky me got to be her +1! After years of dreaming about going to LFW, you'd think I'd have an outfit all planned...nope, apparently not! I knew it had to be something vintage and as the 70's is looking to make a comeback this S/S (proved by Felder Felder at the last LFW), I wanted to pay homage to the psychedelic era. Having decided on a dress, I was faced with yet more decisions - black or colourful tights? heels or flats? boots or brogues? hair up or down? and what coat?! One by one I figured out the answers and here is my finished look!

This wonderfully tropical gem of a dress I found in Absolute Vintage.  I was almost tempted to wear yellow tights and navy blue velvet boots. Next time. For this outfit I've gone with navy tights and my favourite yellow Primark brogues. My vintage navy fedora hat finished off the look perfectly. It's a little battered, but that just shows how well worn and over loved it was by the past owner :)

Now, back to the babe of a dress. High neck, long sleeves, tie back waist - what's not to love?! Just look at those colours too. It's a colour clashing girls dream.

So off I went to meet Angelica in Covent Garden to pick up our tickets and take a seat at our first London Fashion Week show. I was beyond excited! Turns out someone stole our seats, but it was fine as we found a place to stand and actually had a better view of the catwalk, so *blows raspberry* screw you seat stealers! After the show, which was over way too quickly for my liking, we had a wander over to Southbank. Walking through London during Fashion Week, you can spot fellow attendees a mile off. London is a stylish city any other time of the year, but throughout those 2 weeks a year, it is even more so.

After stuffing our faces at Wahaca (make sure you order their sweet potatoes), we parted ways back to our own homes to get changed into something a bit more comfortable as that evening we were off to the Brixton Academy to see the hugely talented George Ezra!

So there you have it, my first (and hopefully not last) mini experience at London Fashion Week! A massive thanks to Nail Berry for inviting Angelica and an even bigger thank you to Angelica for bringing me along :)

Has anyone else been to any other LFW shows yet? Maybe you have one coming up? Have any designers caught your eye yet this season?

Thanks for reading/following/liking/sharing/commenting :)

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Friday 20 February 2015

Ships Ahoy - Outfit of the Day

Happy LFW Eve!! I am too excited for London Fashion Week, and I'm not even going!* But I have booked the week off work so I can spend all day looking at the photos and hopefully get some blog posts done for you lovely lot.

Before that though, a quick new outfit post :) You probably all remember my love for Bonne Chance Collections and their super cute and girly dresses (need reminding? Check here and here!). Now seemed the right time to continue my little love affair with the brand, and so I purchased my 4th, and not likely to be final, dress. Those of you following me on Instagram would've seen a sneaky peek a few weeks ago. This one is pretty exciting as it is so me!!

I always get so excited to open a package from Bonne Chance Collections as they wrap them so beautifully and include a handwritten thank you card inside too. Just look at nautical print. Can't you just hear it scream 'AHOY CAPTAIN CHARGHLEY!!'. It's as though it was made for me; boats - check, anchors - check, Peter Pan collar - check, bow tie - check. How could I resist!

So, here's how I wore the dress.

Bonne Chance's dresses are always such a perfect fit for me, maybe a wee bit short, but I practically live in tights. I've already eyed up a few more of their designs I think deserve a new home in my wardrobe (I'm sure I can find a little space...). If you too find you can't quite resist the urge, then be sure to use the code PASTEL to get 20% off - you're welcome!!
My navy knitted hat was a Birthday present from my Aunty and Uncle. It came as part of a set with gloves and a thick woolly scarf. They have all seen me through this winter. The white fluffy cardigan I got from a Swapaholics clothes swap. It's so lovely, soft and warm, but it does like to leave white fluff everywhere!

Now for the shoes!

These beauts I picked up from Absolute Vintage for a bargain price of £18! They fit like a glove, but for your foot... I've been wanting a pair of cute navy slip on shoes, and I do love Bally, so these seemed pretty much foolproof. That was until I wore them out whilst gallivanting around the streets of Covent Garden. Silly me forgot to check the heel on them. After slipping and nearly falling flat on me arse, I had to walk a little carefully. I took them to be repaired by the shoe guardian angels, AKA Timpsons - hey presto, good as new!

I took the dress out for it's first spin the other week when I went to a friends flat to help start up a new Youtube Channel. Ask Honest Girls - keep a lookout as it'll be launching soon!! I managed to gather up a few girl friends of mine to take part in this new Youtube project.

After we had finished shooting. I headed to Covent Garden Hotel for a quick hot chocolate before meeting my friend Jess for a wee catch-up and wander around Soho. If you ever see anyone wearing layers of coats, it's probably just my photographer for the day...sorry Jess!

Once darkness had descended, I headed over to the Britannia pub near London Bridge for some games and beer with friends. This pub had the biggest selection of whiskey I had ever seen! They played some fab music (hello Bowie!) and the food was pretty scrumptious too! And get this, their bar tabs are old cassette tapes!

I got the chance to wear my nautical dress again for pancake day this Tuesday. I spent the evening having pancake toss-offs with my housemate Chloe, brother Joff and ex-housemate Luke. There was also a lot of time spent trying to decide just what to put on my pancake. I went for a combination of chocolate biscuit spread, Lotus Biscoff spread and peanutbutter, all smothered in butterscotch flavoured Brittains vodka - delish!!

What did everyone else chose to top their pancakes?

Don't be shy, come and say hi :)

*at the time of writing I wasn't going to LFW, but then Angelica at One Little Vice won us tickets to Felder Felder's show, so watch this space!!

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Captain Charley: February 2015

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