Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dungarees Desire

Top of my most wanted list of recent are a pair of smart dungarees, á la Alexa Chung's look below.

So in preparation for my next payday, I've been hunting around for the perfect pair. First up is River Island.

These 4 different designs are all available for £40 each. They look great either dressed up with a shirt underneath and some classy heels or chilled down with a cute cartoon tee and some well worn Converse.

A woman came into the shop I work in today wearing the first pair of black dungarees. She told me they were from Urban Outfitters and violá, there they are along with this fab grey pair and even some smart short versions. A little bit pricier than River Island (£65, £48, £48, £45), but you'd be the style envy of everyone at the office!

For those of you really wanting to stand out from the crowd, Topshop is where you should be looking! Whether you're into checks, tropical, cute animals or pretty florals, Topshop have just the dungarees for you with prices ranging from £34-60.

Pay day is just around the corner so be sure to look out for my own dungaree look coming soon! Also don't forget to like the Facebook page for this blog. An exclusive giveaway will be coming soon just for Facebook fans as soon as I hit 100 likes!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon XD

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Style Steal - Alesha Dixon in china blue.

Alesha Dixon attended the launch today for the new series of Britain's Got Talent sporting this beaut of an outfit.
I was straight onto Alesha on Twitter to find out exactly where today's get up was from. It is Roberto Cavalli. Initially I thought this was a dress, but after a bit of research found that it is in fact a shirt and skirt combo. There is also a gorgeous blazer and floaty maxi skirt to match too!
This set would cost you almost £2,000! Fortunately for you, I've scoured the internet for cheaper alternatives.
Matalan have some great China blue pieces. I particularly love those knickers at a bargain price of £2.50!
A little bit higher up the price range is Topshop with these detailed delights. I'm all a-flutter over that dress.
And finally, my online fashion site of the moment, That first blouse is what first attracted me to do this blog post on Alesha. It's sat in my wish list just waiting for my next paycheck to arrive.

To end today's update, how about enjoying this vintage gem from T'pau!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Granny Pants

Monday, Me and a friend visited the Museum of London to see the exhibition that's currently on called 'Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men'. It sounds gruesome, but was actually really interesting. We also had a wander around the rest of the Museum which takes you from the Romans, through the Victorian era, to the 1920's, swinging 60's, punky 70's and even some pieces from last years Olympic ceremonies.
I got to play dress up, which I am a big fan of! The Roman's were rocking the leather waistcoats centuries before the punks made it cool.
Someone NEEDS to make me this 60's Beatles dress, pretty please! They also had some Mary Quant outfits.
Here's my outfit from the day.

The paisley printed trousers are from Boohoo. As soon as I spotted them, my mind started flashing with the various garments I could pair them with. They have so many different colours in the pattern that the outfit possibilities are endless! This time, I decided to wear them with a tan chiffon shirt layered with an evergreen equestrian jumper. The faux fur coat was given to me from a family friend. It's kept me super warm the last few weeks!

If anyone is about in London next Friday, my very good friend Martyn's band Black Cannons are playing at The Enterprise in Camden. Take a listen of their EP below!

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Style Steal - Zooey Deschanel in New Girl

One of my favourite TV wardrobes is from Zooey Deschanel's character, Jess Day, in New Girl. I had been lusting over her navy double breasted coat for some time.
I have great news for anyone else who's heart has been skipping a beat with each episode Zooey wears this coat. I found this fab lookalike over at What makes it even better is that it is already in the sale with 52% off AND you can get an extra 10% off by using code APR10% on all orders over $60!
The coat is also available in a classy red if you wanted something a bit more vibrant and the fur collar is detachable. I have bought the coat for myself and can confirm it is a delight to wear. Made in a very soft almost velvety material and is light but warm - perfect for the transition from winter to spring.
Romwe have become a new favourite fashion site of mine, uploading new products everyday, offering free world wide shipping on all orders, no matter how much you spend, and sending lots of vouchers if you're signed up to their mailing list.

If you can't afford a shopping spree, then why not update your wardrobe by attending SwapAholicsUK's clothing swap in May! Bring just £5 for entry and any clothes which you no longer want (make sure they're still in good condition for someone else to want) and then swap til you drop!!
I've been to a few of their events and always come back with some great new pieces to update my closet. This next event will be held in East London near to Hackney Wick station. If you can't make this event then make sure you like their Facebook page as another swap shop date will be announced soon!

Lastly, I've decided to make a Facebook page of my own for the blog. Everyone else has one, so why shouldn't Captain Charghley!! There'll be a new outfit post coming very soon.

Thanks for reading :)

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