Monday, 8 March 2010

The Oscars 2010 best dressed!!

So last night it was The Oscars and they were as glamorous as ever. I had a quick flick through the red carpet pictures and could see a lot of neutral colours with a sprinkle of glitter. I also noticed the long flowing skirts with trailing trains and flamboyant ruffles. So without further ado...I give you my top 12 (because I couldn't whittle it down to just 10). Please feel free to let me know what you think, I appreciate all feedback..Thanx =]

1) Anna Kendrick

This look I am not too sure about. It is a beautiful dress with delicate detailing around the slit on the leg, but the colour is much too light for Anna's pale skin tone. I think it would suit her much better in a darker colour.
2)Zoe Kravitz

Such a simple dress but the deep red velvet bow gives it a cute vintage feel. I love how Zoe has kept her look so simple and elegant by not wearing a necklace. She looks flawless!

3) Elizabeth Banks

The grey/blue colour of this dress really brings out Elizabeth's eyes and it fits her perfectly giving her curves in all the right places. The ruffled train reminds me of a frozen waterfall, just gorgeous!

4) Zoe Saldana

Zoe always wears something with a fun little twist and this violet faded number is no exception. She could just have gone for a plain faded dress but instead she has jazzed it up with little tiny ruffles that make it look light and fluffy, she's never afraid to take a risk and wear something different.
5) Carey Mulligan

Someone who I am always excited to see on the red carpet is Carey Mulligan. She always chooses something so unusual but exquisite. This dress has very antique look because if you take a closer look, there are tiny little pairs of scissors which I find quite endearing. Carey is just like a little doll and she is someone we should all watch out for in the fashion world!

6) Sandra Bullock

Firstly a massive congrats to Sandra who won the Best Actress award. She looks stunning and I love the contrast between the smooth gold and the authentic lace embellishment. Sandra finishes off this classic look with pink/red lipstick and her hair down and smooth, like a true Hollywood Star.

7) Kristen Stewart

Shock! Horror! Kristen is actually smiling...Rob must be doing something right, eh? I really love this dress on Kristen, her eyes look dazzling. The midnight blue colour against her pale tone is striking, and the curved pleats really hold her body and make her look voluptuous. We're so used to seeing her as more of a teenage rock chick so was charming to see her looking more like the beautiful woman she is becoming.

8) Robert Downey Jnr

Where do I start? Just look how cool and quirky Robert looks. He's wearing trainers to the Oscars!! Only RDJ would get away with that! He really stood out from all the other male species at the Oscars that night. Most of them were wearing black trousers, blazer and tie/Dickie bow...but not Robert. Hes wearing a custom pair of Oliver Peoples Sheldrake glasses, a matching blue Dickie bow tie and there is also a slight blue tinge to his suit. I think he looks super-hot and really comfortable.

9) Cameron Diaz

Cameron looks like a princess going to the ball. Not only was her dress sparkly, but her hair looks so healthy its sparkling too. This dress flows down her body divinely. She shows all the glitz and glamour of how the Oscars should be.

10) Amanda Seyfried

All eyes on Cinderella...sorry I mean Amanda! This is every girls dream dress - pure white colour, delicate material and the long, full swishy skirt that flourishes when she moves. Amanda looks so effortlessly alluring.

11) Miley Cyrus
Miley looks gorgeous here. The long, pleated flowing skirt is so girly but she gives it that rock chick feel with the tight corset top and dark nail varnish. The shimmer of glitter around her stomach/hips really helps to tie in the hard sculpted top with the soft cascading bottom.
12) Rachel McAdams

And the Charlotte Ellis award for best dressed at the Oscars goes to...Rachel!! I absolutely love this dress. She looks like she has wrapped herself with the sky, if that was even possible. This dress looks so delicate but Rach looks so strong and confident wearing it. Definitely something I would wear so top marks to her stylist!

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nothing really to do with Fashion buttt....

I only bloody met Robert Pattinson last night!!! It was the best night ever!! Me and 2 friends went to a gig in London to see Kitty, Daisy + Lewis (who are brilliant by the way and u should all look them up) and they were supported by Bobby Long, who is best friends with RPattz. Just as we were leaving, I decided I wanted to buy a tee and then we saw him...standing in the corner. My friend Russ went over and asked if we could get pictures and he said 'Yeah...It looks like I've wet myself' haha he was pretty drunk!! Such an amazing night...and check out the photo!!

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bye-Bye Leather Skirt?

So last week a brought a really cute high-waisted leather skirt from H&M. I had just seen Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, a great little 50's inspired rock 'n' roll band, then stumbled upon this biker chick piece. After trying it on and admiring my reflection in the mirror, I convinced myself I could pull this off, anytime, anywhere. However I have now come to my senses and have decided to take this precious item back to the store. For £19.99, I don't feel it would get enough use from me.
I could be persuaded to keep it and wear it as much as possible if I receive enough positive feedback. So please let me know what you think - Keep it or take it back?

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Captain Charley: March 2010

Captain Charley