Thursday, 28 February 2013

George's Girl

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post and as you will see, I've changed a little over the last 8 months.  It all started with me getting bored of my hair (plus a mini heart break) and deciding to chop a big chunk of it off!
This left me with a short blunt bob which felt nice for a few days...but even this wasn't enough to satisfy me.

I started searching on twitter for trainee hairdressers looking for models for free hair cuts. After making an appointment at a salon in Covent Garden I headed there with my mind completely open to any style. I sat down and gave Sam my hairdresser complete control over what he wanted to do. Here's the result.
This was probably the shortest I have ever had it since being born! It took some getting used to as it's so different to anything I've ever had before but I got by, reminding myself it was only hair, it'll grow back. I also started to plan the various styles I wanted to go through whilst it was growing to each level. After letting it grow for 3 months I got it cut into a more symmetrical style which is a lot easier to get away with not doing much with it as I'm quite lazy with styling my hair everyday.

So that's the story with my new look and now back to today's outfit!

The brown silky dress is by George at Asda and was given to me by a friend. I've paired it with my brown boots (I have these to thank for getting me through all those snowy days!) and a leopard print cardigan (check out yesterday's post featuring more leopard print on the red carpet of the NME Awards!). I bought the black belt from the charity shop I recently started to volunteer in. I find some great bargains here!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave some comments. I'll try to post as regularly as possible.

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Get the 2013 NME Awards Red Carpet Style!

It's indie rocks big night out as the 2013 NME Awards hit London. There were 4 main fashion themes amongst the attendees so I'm here tonight to show you how you can imitate these looks by way of the high street and online shopping.

Fashion Theme #1 - Tartan
It's not a rock 'n' roll ceremony unless there's some tartan involved. Ronnie Wood's wife Sally Humphreys has opted for this punky print on a ladylike shift dress. Edie Langley has accessorised her highwaisted tartan skirt with dark lipstick and Carl Barat on her arm, whereas Charli XCX has gone for super slashed tights and Spice Girl-esque platform shoes.

Urban Outfitters have this vintage 90's grunge skater skirt for just £35. Looks great in winter with a big baggy jumper, tights and boots or even in summer with a band tee and Converse.

For just £20 you can get this super cute tartan skater dress from

Finally, Topshop offer a variety of leggings in different coloured tartans, ranging from £25-28. Pair them with a big baggy grandad t-shirt and Dr Martens.

Fashion Theme #2 - Leopard Print
Russell Kane bought some animal behaviour to the red carpet, whilst Sky Ferreira and Zara Martin preferred to be cool adding some leather boots to their looks.

H&M currently have this selection of Leopard print dress with the cheapest at £9.99 and the most expensive at £24.99

Over at Topshop, I found this really cute leopard print playsuit by Oh My Love for £39. This would look great with a skinny black belt, black tights and coral heels.

Fashion Theme #3 - Monochrome
Monochrome is back in a big way. Make like Aluna Francis and Caroline Flack with super short dresses or break up your black & white look with colourful clutches like Zoe Hardman and Laura Whitmore. 

Topshop have this fab striped shift dress for just £38. Why not be a bit daring and wear it with polka dot tights!

Select have a whole page dedicated to this latest fashion trend. Whether you're in the mood for a super short 60's or a flowing 70's maxi, Select are very cheap, with most of their items under £20.

Fashion Theme #4 - Hippie Florals.
The final fashion theme of the night is hippie florals brought to you by Florence Welch and my new girl crushes, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards who make up hot new girl group Deap Vally.

Why not follow in Julie's footsteps and get some matching embroidered denim courtesy of Topshop (Denim Jacket here and Denim Jeans here).

Whenever I think of 70's hippie florals, Monsoon always springs to mind. This beautiful printed jacket is actually named Florence and it's the perfect way to steal her style at just £69.

Finally, if you're gonna go for the 70's boho chic look, you're gonna need some tapestry. This lace top from Topshop is in the sale at just £20 and also available in maternity for you Mummy's to be.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back soon!

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Get The Look - Sally Field's 2013 Oscar Dress

It seems everyone is talking about Sally Field's red Valentino dress from last nights Oscar Awards. She looked absolutely stunning but unfortunately we don't all have the life style which gives us the opportunity to walk around in a trailing gown. Captain Charghley to the rescue! I've found some alternatives that don't require an invite to a prestigious awards ceremony.

This cute little red number by Jarlo is currently on sale for just £21 over at Coggles. The vibrant colour of love and sweetheart neckline would make this a great dinner date dress. You can see how I have styled the dress over on ASOS's Fashion Finder here.

ASOS offer a wide range of sweet and girly red dresses, including this adorable balloon embroidered collar dress by Nishe. Or how about this super cool skater dress with embroidered stud shoulder detail.

Proving red isn't just for Valentine's Day, why not add some romantic chiffon to your outfit!

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Fashion Favourites at the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet - The Return Of The Captain!

Hello!! It's been a while since I last blogged (more like a lifetime!) but I have decided to make my return and what better night than Oscars night. So without further ado, I have picked not 10, not 12, not 15, BUT 20 of my favourite dresses (in no particular order) from the red carpet. These are just my personal opinion and I would love to hear what you all thought so feel free to leave the names of your favourites.

1. Amanda Seyfried
Amanda always has such striking looks and she hasn't disappointed tonight. The detailed pattern means for little accessories.

2. Halle Berry
The symmetry of the stripes give Halle all her curves in the right places. Again, no need for much accessorising with so much sparkle on one dress. Dazzling!

3. Georgina Chapman
 Such beautiful embellishment on the top of Georgina's gown. Her clutch is adorable.

4. Salma Hayek
Sassy Salma does it again! Her silhouette looks amazing and the gold trimmings make it oh so glamorous. 

5. Sandra Bullock
Oh how very Downton. This 1920's style dress is so flattering on Sandra's slight frame. Something I'd definitely wear.

6. Kelly Ripa
I love how different this is to all the other red carpet dresses. It's a little bit more laid back to all the other looks but Kelly pulls it off perfectly.

7. Anne Hathaway
It may look pretty and simple from the front but the detail is all in the back. Since getting my hair all cut off, she's become somewhat of an icon of mine. She just can't seem to do any wrong, even when flashing her lady parts to the world.

8. Kelley Phleger
Actor Don Johnson's wife seems to steal some of his limelight in this elegant and slightly Kate Middleton's wedding dress-esque number. It fits her tiny frame like a dream.

9. Corinne Bishop
I adore the colour of this dress. Corinne wears it with such simplicity.

10. Adele
Adele brings her classic style to the Oscars. Her hair and make up just defines her signature 60's look.

11. Naomi Watts
Naomi's dress has a unique and slightly futuristic cut to it. The shimmery silver and pinned back hair really brings out her eyes.

12. Kerry Washington
Such a delicious colour and the little bow at the front makes this look even more sweet. The simple hair and lack of jewellery doesn't deter from the intricate detailing on the bust.

13. Zoe Saldana
The belt detailing is to die for. Everything is super cute; the shoes, the neckline, the way Zoe wears it with such a laid back ease.

14. Helena Bonham Carter
This looks like it was just made for Helena. The dark colour and layered skirt give it a witchy look but the sneaky little bow brings in a dash of girlishness. 

15. Jane Fonda
Showing that at 75 years old, you're never too old to rock the neon's  Jane dazzles in this bright number. The square shoulders just ooze 80's nostalgia. 

16. Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer looks fab and confident. This gown hugs her curves and I love the brilliant blue colour too.

17. Alicia Vikander
Another Downton inspired gown in a wonderful powder blue. The thin belt helps to break up the exquisite lace outfit. 

18. Sally Field
Quite possibly my favourite look of the night. It can sometimes be hard to stand out in red on a red carpet but Sally does it with such elegance. This dress has a vintage Valentino air to it. I am in love!

19. Robin Roberts
Not only is blue my favourite colour to wear but I'm also a sucker for velvet, so double kudo's to Robin. The twisted neckline gives this classic look a modern spin. The drop waist is also extremely flattering.

20. Kristin Chenoweth
The last look of the night comes from Kristin Chenoweth. She may be tiny but she brought a big presence in this outstanding number. A dazzling smile to match the dazzling embellishment.

So that's it, my top 20. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you don't agree with my picks, well everyone has different tastes but I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to leave a comment below and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!! Hope you all had a wonderful Oscars night, I've posted my highlight of the show below, Les Miserables gives me goosebumps every time.

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Captain Charley: February 2013

Captain Charley