Saturday, 30 November 2013

There's No Place Like Home


Sorry for the quiet on the blogging front. It's been a busy week of events, but more on them at a later date! Today's outfit post is a little bit Dorothy Gale, and a little bit Marilyn Monroe.

This dress is another gem from a SwapAholicsUK clothing swap. I love it; it's frilly, floaty and stripey! There is nothing more girly than a full skirt, especially when there's a gust of wind and you get to do your best Monroe impression.

The navy cardigan is from New Look which I bought a few years ago, and we've been best friends since. My t-bar Mary Jane's are originally from Topshop but I got them for a bargain price of £1 from Capital Carboot in Pimlico.

This weekend Me and my family are taking a little trip to visit relatives in Southport. I'm excited to meet some little cousins for the first time! I am also looking forward to getting out of London for a wee while. Not that I hate London (I absolutely love it!), but sometimes a little change is nice.

 I wish you all a fab weekend!

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Monday, 25 November 2013


'Ello 'ello!

Last week I went to see Mojo at the theatre featuring an amazing cast of (wait for it...) Rupert Grint, Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan, Daniel Mays and Brendan Coyle. It was such a good play and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here's what I wore.

The retro braided sweater and pleated high waist pleuche velvet skirt are both from Oasap. I layered the jumper over a plain pink shirt and added a red ribbon tied as a bow as a little extra something. My midnight blue clutch is from Accessorize and the navy chelsea boots are from Topshop.

I'm really starting to feel a bit Christmassy (too early?). The cute Santa ring is actually from the top of a little Christmas bun from Greggs. I just had to have him!! He'll feature some more on the blog in the lead up to Crimbo.

If you are looking for something to see in London, I highly recommend Mojo. There are lots of strong performances from a fantastic cast line up, and who knew Ben Whishaw could sing?! I cannot wait to go and see it again!

Thanks for reading. I'll be back soon!

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leaf Dipped in Bronze


The days are getting colder and I'm very happy deep down. I know I may moan that I can't feel my toes and that wearing my hood up in the rain flattens my hair, but this is all made OK by the fact that I can dig out all my jumpers again! Today's outfit features one of my fav's!

This cute and fun jumper is from Topshop. It's so fluffy and warm, and features little pompoms all over it, love it! I've layered it over a bright pink chiffon shirt that I got from a SwapAholicsUK swap shop and a vintage brooch, which I'll come on to a bit later.

I know I've said this before, but I love Primark jeans. They always fit me so well and this berry pair are such a perfect colour for A/W. My buckled shoes are from New Look, only now available in brown. Now for the brooch...

This brooch I have borrowed from my Mum...I say borrowed, I don't think she's aware I actually have it! This will be a good test to see if she actually does read my blog, ha ha! It is a leaf dipped in bronze, hence today's blog title. She bought it back in 1987 whilst on her honeymoon, so it's older than me! It is the epitome of Autumn, and we all know how much I love this season, so chances are, my Mother won't be getting this back any time soon (Sorry Mummy!).

That's all for today's post. Don't worry I'll be back soon with more!! Thanks so much for all the comments and new followers, I am slowly but surely making my way through them all to respond and follow back. Be sure to like my Facebook Page.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Filch Reunion

Alright you lot?

Sorry I've been a bit quiet over the weekend, have been busy trying to fit a social life in with my work. However, things are about to change...I have finally been offered a full-time permanent job!! This means I can quit my weekend job. No idea what I'm going to do with my first weekend off in 2 weeks time. I think I've forgotten how to relax and unwind since I've been working 7 days a week. That's the good news of the week. The bad news came today, when I found out someone has stolen my bank card details and used them to pay their Westminster Council Tax of over £1,000!! *Major sad face* So my card has been cancelled and I won't have money to spend on pretty clothes for about a week whilst this is all sorted (BOO!). Good thing blogging is free!!

Today's outfit post is actually from a week ago. My ex housemate Emily, who I haven't seen for about a year as she's been swanning off looking after babies all over the globe, has come to London for a few weeks. Her first weekend back just happened to be the same weekend of The Lord Mayor's Show along the Southbank. We arranged to meet with my current housemate Elie and another ex housemate Chloe, to enjoy the fireworks by the river whilst having a massive catch up. Here's what I wore.

My navy duffle coat is from Joy. I have a new obsession with this store. Their clothes are very Mad Men but with a more modern and up-to-date feel. The tartan mini skirt and burgundy cable knit jumper are both from Oasap. My blue and green tartan scarf is vintage, bought from the Charity shop I volunteered in earlier this year.

These warm and snuggly socks are from ASOS. Unfortunately they're not on the site anymore, but ASOS have a big selection of other socks and tights available. Wearing brand new socks for the first time is one of the best feelings in the World (Come on, I can't be the only weirdo to think this). My boots are from Shoe Zone and have literally been my soul mates the last 2 winters. They were super cheap and they keep my toes nice and warm with the soft, fluffy lining.

Here we are eagerly awaiting the fireworks. Left to right is: Elie, Chloe, Emily and Moi! It was great to all be together after so long apart. Bring on next weekend when we do it all again!

Now this is what I call a Filch's Reunion! We're quite colour coordinated with our dark reds.

I'm not even going to show my poor attempts at photographing fireworks (tis bloody hard ya know!), but I will show you some pictures from my late night, lonely walk through London.

I absolutely love Christmas, so you can imagine my delight when I spotted this big, bad boy! The Traditional German Christmas Market Stalls have also just landed along the Southbank. I took a little trip there after work this weekend with Chloe. There'll be some sparkly photos coming soon!

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

You're My Butterfly (Sugar Babe)


Welcome back to another outfit post! Today's one is very colourful, so you might want to grab your shades!

3 of my favourite colours all in one outfit - Blue, green and yellow! I bought this blouse quite a while ago from Romwe and have been waiting for the perfect moment to wear it. Unfortunately they don't sell it on their site anymore but I did find it over on Oasap

I've paired this bright and colourful blouse with my blue and green blazer and checked tweed skirt, both from Zara. I love this skirt, but it has a frayed hemline and I swear it gets shorter every time I wash it...Or maybe my legs are still growing (will they ever stop!). You can almost make out my Star Trek badge, which I wore to coincide with the neon yellow collar and cuffs of my blouse.

And once again, here are my new favourite boots. I bought them from Surprisingly, they appear to have sold out, but I did find this similar black pair and these slightly more expensive pair from Choies.

Our line manager in the office bought us each a cake. Can you guess which one is mine? After 7 weeks off, my work colleague was welcomed back with these beautiful flowers. I just love the bright colours.

Alright, that's enough bright colours for one evening. I'm sure I've given you all a head ache. I'll leave you with this one hit wonder from 2000. Enjoy!

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Playing In The Autumn Leaves

Hi guys!!

Here's another outfit post from another 7am photoshoot with KevKev!

Can you tell I love Autumn? This was a very fun look as I gave Kev a task to pick out an item of clothing for me to wear for the day. It was then up to me to create the rest of my outfit from his chosen item.

Kev's choice was my quite bright purple shirt from H&M. I bought it from their sale last year for just £5. I decided to carry on with the bright colours and paired it with these aquagreen skinny jeans from Monsoon. I love their jeans as they're slightly more high waisted than other places and are super comfy. I've thrown on my really light but warm jumper from Uniqlo's men's section, because, let's face it, a gentleman's jumper always feels nicer. My sweet little pearl bow brooch was a gift from my best friend Jess.

My wonderful sailor styled pea coat was a birthday gift from my lovely Nan 2 years ago. I'm sure she'll be happy to see that I still wear and cherish it :) The black patent loafers are originally by Matalan but I got them on eBay for a bargain price of 99p, brand new too!

My snake ring can be found here and the kitty ears ring here. The gold and black ring in the middle was a Christmas present from my Parents. 

This was fun! Although I did get hit in the face with the leaves, I don't have a great aim...

A here's Kev looking his usual happy self  <3 p="">

We're off to the theatre tomorrow night to see the new West End play Mojo. It's got a fantastic cast made up of Rupert Grint (hello Ron Weasley!), Colin Morgan (Merlin anyone?!), Brendan Coyle (good evening Mr Bates), Daniel Mays (amazing!) and Ben Whishaw (enough said...). I am literally so excited. We're going to try our luck at meeting some of the cast afterwards, so watch this space!!

Don't forget you can like my Facebook page here! I know I keep saying it, but I promise there will be an exclusive giveaway coming veeerrryyy soon!

Thanks for reading :)

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Friday, 8 November 2013


Just a quick one tonight! If you happen to be following me over on Twitter, then you'll have heard me mention some early morning photo shoots with my dear friend Kev. Here's the results of the first one! After spotting Lucy of Shiny Thoughts in her dungarees, it reminded me that I had a pair that I'd bought months ago hiding in somewhere in my wardrobe! Mine are originally from New Look, but ASOS have a fab range in all sorts of varieties. I decided to just go with the tuxedo style of mine and wore a white chiffon shirt underneath. This shirt is super cool as it has a little black ribbon to tie as a bow, and I love the black collar and cuffs.

My snazzy shoes are from Necessary Clothing. Every time I wear them, I feel like I should be tap dancing down the streets of London.

My cute little bow bag is also from New Look but I bought it through ASOS.

We took these photo's at around 7:30 in the morning! It's getting so difficult to take decent outfit photos as it's so dark by the time I finish work. I think Kev quite enjoyed being my photographer, so much so that we did another one the following morning, so come back for more tomorrow!!

Goodnight for now :)

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Thursday, 7 November 2013



Friday night I went to watch my dear friend Martyn's band, Black Cannons, play a gig in Shoreditch. They were on top form as always! Here's what I wore.

This tartan suit is actually 2 separate pieces from different shops. The blazer I got from a charity shop which is originally from Primark with some embellishments added by the previous owner. These tartan trousers are from H&M. I love that they're called 'slacks'. They are so perfect for winter with their thicker and really comfortable material, and only £14.99! I decided to dress this suit down with a band tee from Forever 21 and navy Converse. Of course I'm also wearing my trusty Peace Sign pendant by Tiffany & Co.

Believe it or not, I am stood outside my front door. It was painted this bright pink colour a year or 2 ago to match the colour scheme of our estate agents, who we live above. I'm not really a fan of the colour pink, but I guess this makes our place stand out from the rest and it's a little different.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with another outfit post featuring a very special dungarees look, see you then!

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Happy Bonfire Night!

I'm a wee bit behind with my outfit posts. This one was from Halloween night. I had a busy evening starting with a private viewing of the new Paul Klee exhibition at the Tate Modern and then ending at Las Iguanas for a work friends leaving do. We didn't do fancy dress, but my outfit had a little spooky edge.

My burgundy velvet skater dress is from Primark which I have paired with some stripey tights from Vero Moda. I added a bit of halloween fun with this knitted skull cardigan. It's super warm and comfy! I was so excited when these checked 60's inspired boots arrived. They're from

It was love at first sight when I spotted these babies. How cute and totally me are they?!

I couldn't wait to wear them to the Paul Klee private viewing at the Tate Modern. I brought my best friend Chloe along with me. We drank free wine (yum!) and then had some free Lindt chocolate samples (double yum!!).

Here's Chloe looking all sassy and sophisticated. Love this girl <3 p="">

The Lindt chocolate was soooo good. The dark chocolate infused with orange was my favourite.

After I'd cultured myself at the Tate Modern, I made a quick run along the river to meet my weekend work friends at Las Iguanas where they were celebrating Halloween with some cool face painting. Which brings me to the title of today's post...

For a little £3 charity donation, I became BatFace! The above photo is from the Las Iguanas Facebook Page. Here's the end result!

The makeup artists who were there that night were so fantastic, talented and not to mention absolutely lovely!

It was such a fun night. Tutu, we will miss you!!

I know, I know, I look bonkers in that middle photo. I'd had lots of wine and cocktails!

I probably won't get to blog tomorrow night as I'm going to see THE KILLERS!! I am so fudging excited!!!!! YOU PROBABLY CAN'T TELL!!!!!

So I'll love you and leave you with this, enjoy :)

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Rain On The Roof


And welcome to today's post where I'll be mainly gushing about my love of Autumn/Winter. Here's what I wore.

The first thing I love about winter is getting to wear jumpers. This gorgeous grey number is from H&M and I've just gone and ordered myself another 2 in brown and navy as H&M are currently selling them at 50% off. This means they're just £7.49 each. You had better hurry as this offer is only available for the next 3 days! I've layered my jumper over this checked shirt with a black collar from Forever 21. My black super skinny jeans are from Primark. I love Primark's jeans as they always have a perfect fit for me and don't lose their stretch after wearing them the whole day. These T-bar flat studded shoes are originally from Topshop but I got them from a car boot sale last year for just £1!

And now for some inspirational Autumn/Winter photo's I have taken over the last few weeks, just to show this season, although dark and grey, it can be seen as beautiful.

The leaves are such a beautiful colour and who doesn't love the sound of the rain pitter-pattering against the window.

Who's planning to watch some fireworks tomorrow night? If it's not raining, I hope to sit on the roof and watch the sky light up!

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Captain Charley: November 2013

Captain Charley