Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spirit Day

In light of Spirit Day today Me and my friend Kevin took to the streets of London wearing our best purple clothing. Well actually, Kevin was wearing MY jumper and MY jacket, but their both men's clothing so it doesn't really matter.

My purple polka dot top is by Henry Holland for Debenhams with a plain black long sleeved tee from primark underneath. The black shorts are high waisted and from Topshop with purple tights by Pretty Polly and black army style boots from Shoe Zone. Oh and not forgetting my scarf which I bought from New Look.

Kevin is wearing my purple jumper which my Mum bought for me, not sure where from. I like to wear men's jumpers because they just seem to have a nicer fit to them. I don't like jumpers that are too tight, I prefer them to be baggy and more comfortable. The purple checked shirt/jacket is originally from Topman but I bought it from EBay.

I hope you all wore something purple today in memory of the people who took their own lives. R.I.P.

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Red European Premiere

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the European Premiere of Red by my friend Kevin who had won tickets. I really liked the film. It had laughs, action and a bit of a love story. John Malkovich was hilarious and I now have a bit of a crush on Bruce Willis (I swear that man doesn't age and he still knows how to kick butt!). Anyway, I decided to get a bit dressed up as its not everyday I actually get to walk down the red carpet.

The dress I'm wearing is velvet body con with mess sleeves and neckline. I bought it from Pop Boutique in Leicester. My leopard print coat was purchased from eBay and cost me under £20 (don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making). Finally my boots were bought from a charity shop for just £6.99. Oh, and look who I bumped into as I was leaving the screening.....

Its only Jermaine Jackson. I told him we are birthday buddies and he said 'Ah, your a Saggie too' and then he hugged me. He was lovely.

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Saturday, 16 October 2010


Hello Everyone
I'm going to start updating a bit more on here as now I live with 4 other girls who can all nag me to do so. I was thinking of asking each flat mate to pick out a different outfit for me every few days and then I'll post up photos of what they have chosen.
Do let me know if anyone does see my photo on a street style blog (from my last update), would love to know what its been used for

It finally happened...

I was stopped today in the street by a girl who wanted to take a photograph of my outfit. I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls in those street style blogs or in the magazines. The only thing is I didn’t get the chance to ask the girl where my photo will be shown, so if anyone does happen to see a pic of me posted somewhere, please let me know. Here's a quick pic of what I was wearing today:

So if anyone does happen to spot Me on another blog somewhere, please do share the link.
Thanks =]

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Captain Charley: October 2010

Captain Charley