Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wardrobe must have - Checked Shirt!

Hey guys, I thought I would share my vital piece of cothing which I think everyone should own. The checked shirt. I myself own 6 of these beauties and believe you can never have too many. Their great because they come in all sorts of colours and styles and can be worn in loads of different ways, as I shall now demonstrate.

1. This first shirt I bought this weekend from Camden Market. I love the balance between the masculin colours and the feminie lace and Peter Pan collar. One way of wearing a checked shirt is by simply doing up the buttons and rolling up the sleeves a little.

2. Shirt number two comes from ebay and only cost me a couple of quid. Its a mans shirt and is a little too baggy, but a waistcoat is a great way to hide this. I have tucked the shirt into my jeans and done up the waistcoat which is from Topshop.

3. My 3rd shirt was bought by my Mother for christmas. Its collarless, ties at the back and has a sort of ruffled detailing on the front. Again I am wearing the waistcoat but I've left it undone for a more casual look.

4. This shirt is from primark, as is the jumper. A jumper goes great with a checked shirt especially in the colder months when we all need to layer up.

5. Look number 5 is the same shirt as number 2 but worn in a different way. I've teamed this with my corduroy dungaree dress from my previous blog post, for something a big girlier. Again, it helps to hide the bagginess of the shirt.

6. As a fan of 50s fashion, I love this look. This is another shirt from Primark teamed with some high waisted Topshop shorts. I have done up the top half of the shirt and then tied the bottom half. But if you don't feel comfortable flashing a little belly then you can always tuck the shirt into high waisted shorts, trousers or a skirt.

7. My final look is yet another Primark shirt (seriously, they have so many colours to choose from and their rather cheap). In this picture I am just wearing the shirt as a light jacket. This is great for those cooler summer days, when its too hot for an actual jacket but too cold without a jacket. At night when it gets a bit more chilly, you can always button up the shirt.

Well thats all my checked shirt looks. Please let me know if you have anymore you'd like to share - I do have 6 shirts after all so could do with more ideas.
Thanks for reading and please do feel free to leave a comment and tell me which look you like the best.

Charley xx

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